A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Game FB page: Magicraft

Steam Greenlight link: Steam Greenlight

First 2 titles will be released on mobile followed by PC-VR version with leap motion support. Plus game can be played with keayboard/and mouse (WSAD, R,Q fro Spell, or using Xbox Controller as well)

In final game you will be able to craft various spells on mobile and PC, and using VR and modern controllers to test your spells in various dungeons and against other wizards online !

Build 1.2.1 have stability improvements and fixes. Runs better using clone mode and DirecttoRift executable.

PC Demo screens:

Install instructions

Download, plugin in Oculus and Leap motion and enjoy the show.

This is not final build esp with sound and overall mood. Good feedback is really needed.


MagicraftVrDemo_LM_1.1.0_Windows.zip 370 MB
MagicraftPCVR_1.2.1.zip 377 MB
Magicraft_LM_1.1.0_OSX.dmg 375 MB